Reverse Effects of Greying Hair?!

A while back Coach Reggie made a video discussing reversing hair greying. Well many of you have contacted him for the recipe. As he doesn’t have any grey hair he hasn’t seen it work on himself. But upon his research this is the recipe that is the most accurate in working. Good Luck. Oh you must also do research on this if you have any questions. He has steered you in the direction you must go! Coach Reggie will not be answering any further questions on this topic at this time.


Boil 8 tbsps of Henna and 1 oz of sage in 1 qt of water. Let it cool and rinse hair. Apply 1 oz of sage oil mixed with 2 pints of almond oil.

Food that will help:
Brewers Yeast
Wheat Germ

Best Vitamins To Take:
B Complex
Pantothenic Acid
Folic Acid

Best Amino Acids:

And for Homeopathic:

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