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An education on healthy eating for the body and the mind. This features Mrs. In10sity’s Recipes, along with Mr In10sity’s Vlog on the newest and best natural supplements for your body.


There are many supplements which you can purchase that have a natural origin which are designed for the human body. All supplement Mr In10sity has done a video on it.


Mr In10sity’s nutritional programs such as the Regeneration Program (For Men), Customized Intermittent Fasting Program, Customized Transcendence Program, 10 Day Colon Cleanse Program, The Detoxification Program, Mrs. In10sity’s Cookbook, Combination Programs and the 3 rd eye Program.


Which includes, all natural essential oil soap, Essential Oil
Lotion, Deodorant, Lotion Bars and essential oils. All which have their own benefit to them.

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We expect you to take all training that you embark onwith a nutritional aspect in mind for you cannot accomplish anything physicallywithout understand what to properly put into your body. Your body being fueled properly is the number 1 thingyou should worry about firstand then all training you embark on will fall into place.


Whatever you have doubted within yourself and said you couldn’t accomplish before, it is still possible to achieve your destiny and your deepest desires. You are the direct result of your choices — which means, you can be the direct result of your future and present success. Do not dwell on what has happened, only dwell on your current commitment and believe it is already achieved. You can become the greatest version of yourself but you have to be willing to think differently than you have. You must hold on to the commitments that you have made for yourself. Once you do this, you can and will ACHIEVE YOUR DESTINY!

Awakening the worlds consciousness 1 person at a time!

“Upon joining In10sity, you will establish a goal — whether it’s losing weight, maintaining weight, gaining weight or staying active. You will be given the responsibility to follow through after your program is designed for you. But first, you must see yourself already accomplishing your goals — for this is the most important part of your journey. You must take responsibility for where you are and believe that you can be more than what you’ve settled for. For the mind is the most important part of your transcendence journey”

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