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Haritaki (Capsules) The Mind Amplifier *HIGHEST POTENCY*

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Helps with a myriad of health benefits including indigestion, obesity, dental problems, impotency, cough, cold, asthma, and more!

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What is haritaki? This is a question that many people have asked us, and not everyone knows the answer. Haritaki, or Terminalia chebula Retz, is actually a fruit that comes from the Terminalia chebula or haritaki tree. For centuries, Haritaki fruits have been used in Ayurvedic traditional medicine as a natural remedy for many different health problems. More recently, it has become popular as a health supplement in the United States. Here, we will take a closer look at what haritaki is and its health benefits.

Haritaki is also known as:

  • harad
  • haradey
  • kaddukki (in South Asia)
  • kayakalpa

It's called "kayakalpa" in Tamil, meaning a rejuvenator of the body that balances all humors. It's considered a "life-giving" herb frequently. Haritaki is native to southern Asia. Their presence is widespread, ranging from India and Nepal in the north to southwestern China in the south and Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Malaysia in the west.

Haritaki trees may be cultivated from seeds. The seeds are planted in the spring in clay and sandy soil. They're best positioned in full light and with enough water. These plants cannot withstand temperatures below 16°C. Their fruits are picked when they are still green.

Health Benefits Of Haritaki

The health benefits of haritaki mentioned below can serve as a guide to help you better understand what haritaki is used for:

Haritaki Can Help To Detox The Body

Haritaki has been shown to be effective in helping to detox the body. Its anti-oxidant properties can remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body and help boost the immune system. It can also help to improve liver function.

Haritaki Is Great For The Hair

Haritaki can also be used to make Haritaki herbal oil, which may be made by heating a cup of coconut oil in a pan with three pods of Haritaki until it turns brown and the outer shell fractures. Haritaki oil is also effective against dandruff and lice infestations.

Haritaki Wards Off Acne and Ulcer

Haritaki powder has antibacterial properties that make it useful in treating acne and ulcers. Boil haritaki powder with water to form a paste, then apply it directly on acne or ulcer-spotted skin.

Haritaki Is Helpful When Constipating

Haritaki is a wonderful laxative, and it has dietary fibers that help with constipation. Take haritaki powder in the form of a tea when you have constipation. To make Haritaki powder, combine the peel and ground root of haritaki fruit.

Haritaki Fight Skin Allergies

Haritaki is a powerful skincare component. It helps with skin allergies. The paste of haritaki berries is one of the most effective treatments for such issues. This light green haritaki powder paste can be produced by rubbing a Haritaki fruit on sandal stone with a little amount of boiling water. Apply the paste to

Haritaki Prevents Respiratory Ailments

Haritaki has anti-cough and cold properties. Take haritaki powder with honey to cure a cough and cold. It also treats gingivitis and a sore throat, among other problems.

Helps Treat Diabetes

Haritaki has a chemical that helps to control blood sugar and decrease insulin sensitivity in the body.

AidsWeight loss

Haritaki powder aids in the removal of pollutants from the body and maintains the digestive system on track. Haritaki is a natural blood purifier. When taken as a powder, haritaki regulates hunger and results in weight reduction when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.

Helps To Boost immunity

Haritaki has been used in ancient times as a natural remedy for diseases. It helps to increase longevity and boost immunity by being taken on a regular basis.

It's Great For Heart Health

As the blood's purity improves, the heart muscles get stronger. Haritaki works to cleanse blood and assist in the prevention of fatty buildup in the arteries, especially the coronary artery. When these events occur, blood pressure drops, your heart is strengthened, and your arteries are clear.

Haritaki Accelerates Wound healing

Haritaki paste can be used to treat wounds. Haritaki powder is very effective in healing cuts, burns, and other wounds.

Helps Tone The Alimentary Canal

Haritaki promotes the tone and health of the mucous membranes that line the alimentary canal. Its capacity to cleanse the colon and improve peristaltic motion accounts for these benefits. Haritaki also alleviates dyspepsia and improves digestion.

It's Great For Mental Health

Haritaki has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries to treat a variety of mental health conditions, including anxiety and depression. It is thought to work by reducing levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

It Offers Spiritual Benefits

Haritaki is a powerful fruit with many spiritual benefits. It is said to increase concentration and improve meditation. It also helps to connect with the divine consciousness. Haritaki is also said to increase self-awareness and assist in reaching enlightenment.

Nutritional Value of Haritaki

Haritaki is made up of chemicals that have been shown in studies to have healing abilities, including anticancer, antibacterial, anti-diabetic, and antioxidant effects. Haritaki is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and proteins. It includes vitamin C, manganese, selenium, potassium, iron, and

Suggested Use

Haritaki is best taken in the form of capsules as it is easier to consume and also has a longer shelf life. Haritaki should be taken in the evenings, 15-20 minutes before bed, for maximum absorption. If taken right before bed, drink 16 Oz of warm water. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are advised not to use any kind of haritaki formulation without a prior doctor's consultation. Alternatively, you can talk to your Ayurvedic doctor for the correct dosage.


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    Love the product. Still learning if best to use at night.

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    One of My favorites. makes me feel young again.

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    Lawrence B. (verified owner)

    Using this product paired with intermittent fasting information creates another level of utilizing the power of the mind!

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    Christina (verified owner)

    I love this product, great Quality!

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    I like the item I just bought, and I’m very disappointed in the customer service.

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    Shuntella M. (verified owner)

    Havnt used yet

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    ricardo smith (verified owner)

    It’s great on the brain it help me think more and I don’t stress nor over think about what I am do

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    Amazing product takes you to another level definitely

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    Dreams in 8k definition. Hyper clarity.

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    This product keeps me coming back.

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    awesome products would buy again

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    Really got me moving in a positive way

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    dennisb2009 (verified owner)

    My first day taking the product I felt the difference. Im on my third day and I feel very aware. The focus it gives is insane.

  46. Avatar of LaRon Y.

    LaRon Y. (verified owner)

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    Daniel F. (verified owner)

    This is My Favorite – totally Next Level. I literally feel like dude in Limitless

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    Jaron Hughes (verified owner)

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    Lawrence (verified owner)

    I’ve been talking these capsules along with a powder and it has been great so far I’ve tried this brand in the past and because of the quality I returned not many like it on the market.

  51. Avatar of Kel R.

    Kel R. (verified owner)

    Does what it says it will do, my dreams and recall are on the chain👍🏼

  52. Avatar of Jenny L J.

    Jenny L J. (verified owner)

    I been taking them for years and it’s the best quality supplements out there.

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    Isaac Hernandez (verified owner)

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    ceealee (verified owner)

    A product I will not go without. I take this w/Moringa and the combo makes me feel more energetic with a heightened sense of clarity.

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    Amp focus love it

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    I love my purchas of Haritaki I will order again.

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    I mostly take this in the night because it makes me sleepy when i do and I usually feel well rested when i wake up, it also helps when i feel bloated.

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    Love this!!!

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    This supplement is the business and works exactly as it states it should.

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    Love All Your Products

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    More energy i can say

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    Haritaki is a BEAST! First it will clean you out. Not like diarrhea but you will go to the bathroom which you need. Secondly the mental sharpness is wild. I’m able to lock in on my work and get it done as I take mine in the AM. GREAT PRODUCT!

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    All quality products that works

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    Daniel Bailey (verified owner)

    Mind blowing. Very subtle differences have been noticed after day 2. Excited for what’s to come.

  89. Avatar of Kym

    Kym (verified owner)

    We are into crystals and my crystal was very receptive and in agreeance with this supplement. Very much so. My husband really loved the soap also.

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    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

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    Love it

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    Have not taken it yet but from my experience with the other products. I already know it’s going to be 🔥

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    Calvin C

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    Love this product , keeps me focused and keeps you regular. Like bathroom regular.

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    Great products

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    I enjoy using the soap my skin doesn’t peel in the morning when I wake up like it use to

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    Sandra Muhammad (verified owner)

    Love the freedom of mental expression, that I receive with Haritaki!

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    Will be ordering again

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    usMinnesota, United States

    In10sity’s Haritaki, is the ONLY brand of Haritaki that I’ll ever use. One of my co worker’s, had a “knock off” brand, and wanted to show me that I was paying too much. I said ok this is what we’ll do. I’ll gift you, a week’s worth of mine and you tell me what you think and how amazing you, your mind, body and Spirit will feel. Needless to say, he was like Pooky on New Jack City, saying… “San I need some of that Haritaki, it just be calling me”.? He too is now a Customer.

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    Timothy Stinson (verified owner)

    usPennsylvania, United States

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    This is the real deal…it truly works ..WOW!!!!

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    Still giving it time to feel the benefits but so far so good.

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    Had me freestyling again, definitely brain food.

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    good product

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    Good for the body & mind

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    The best Harataki on the planet In10sity is the best

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    Game changer

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    Discover your mind……

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    This is by far the only product that when I get low, I start freaking out. I have had stomach issues most of my adult life. A year ago I took some heavy meds to clear out the issues and even after that treatment I still had some issues. When I started taking this particular brand I noticed amazing results with my gut health. I had no idea the severity of the stomach pain I was in until I started taking this product. I just purchased 4 more bottles on todays promotion. I personally take 5 capsules at night. First thing in the morning, let’s just say I have a nice cleanse. I’ve tried other well known brands from the internet but this is the best I’ve found and reasonably priced if you ask me. The soaps are the bomb.com too.

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    Love the service and product, proud of you guys, keep up the great work!

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    Package arrive very quickly. Just waiting on finishing the colon cleanse before starting the haritaki

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    The energy levels and vivid dreaming during sleep are extraordinary. Never felt anything like it. Recommended

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    Nice lot of energy,any reason why we can’t take it with the macuna together

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    This is just amazing

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    Open that 3rd Eye!!

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    I am loving the clarity and energy, that I am feeling and looking forward to even more to come!

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    OMG this stuff is amazing I’ve got my whole entire crew/clan on this stuff

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    vivid dreams

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    Works as advertised!!

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    Im definitely going to be ordering another bottle. The effects are as described and I think I’m going to try it with the macuna next time

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    Top quality capsules.

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    I feel a certain connection with my mental processing since I have been taking this product. Things in life are a lot cleaner for me.

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    Good stuff

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    Great results.

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    I feel an improvement with this one in my brain health as long as I am on a cleanse or lots of greens.

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    Love it

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    I definitely become more Focus after using this product

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    Makes me feel good.

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    The best

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    Been taking this about 2weeks not sure if it’s bc of this but lately I been focused more on my goals . And dreams . Been taking steps towards them also.im Start to understand things that I haven’t before and been more active with getting my life in a better position.. so I guess you can say it is awaking my Brain power ! . . ! Will but more and highly recommend thanks Coach – Global

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    James Covington (verified owner)

    It coming along. Took awhile to notice it

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    Thanks Coach Reggie

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    I’m more focus when I work and workout

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    Excellent product

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    5 stars Haritaki

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    Great combo with trinity

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    Great focus and more alertness . I feel like my mind is on another level

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    Great product!

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    Thanks, again product arrived on time

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    I always try to keep this in stock at home ever since I’ve first got it from In10sity, this is really great

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    great product its the real deal

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    No complaints

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    Casey F. (verified owner)

    Awesome product! I have much more energy now. Will definitely purchase again.

  214. Avatar of Mark G.

    Mark G. (verified owner)

    So far just noticed my brain is always thinking of ideas no change in energy levels or sex drive .

  215. Avatar of Jerrod Henry

    Jerrod Henry (verified owner)

    Dreams WOW is all I can say!!

  216. Avatar of khorg64

    khorg64 (verified owner)

    The In10sitys have done it again, this is a high quality product that really gives you life, This haritaki will have you connecting with the most high on a very deep level. I’m not being paid to say this , but buy this and the mucuna and take them together and watch what happens. get all of the In10sity products and you will be glad that you did.

  217. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    It OK

  218. Avatar of Miya

    Miya (verified owner)

    See Cerebral review

  219. Avatar of James Cummings

    James Cummings (verified owner)


  220. Avatar of Marquette Whiteside

    Marquette Whiteside (verified owner)

    Great product.

  221. Avatar of Gary Hill

    Gary Hill (verified owner)

    I like this it works well!!!

  222. Avatar of cody w henry

    cody w henry (verified owner)

    very good

  223. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Still waiting for this to kick in all the way I did noticed that my dreams are a little more vivid

  224. Avatar of Ramon H.

    Ramon H. (verified owner)

    Great Product.

  225. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    It keeps me focused and wanting to learn more things. Im out here doing things i never thought id ever do. Like cooking more and trying new things as i cook.

  226. Avatar of Cristina

    Cristina (verified owner)

    I’m satisfied with my purchase

  227. Avatar of Calvin M.

    Calvin M. (verified owner)

    This is amazing highly recommend

  228. Avatar of Jacqueline Stevenson

    Jacqueline Stevenson (verified owner)

    Received the product on time.

  229. Avatar of astubbs14

    astubbs14 (verified owner)

    2nd day good so far I’m very calm I feel good. I didn’t sleep long last night. I was hyped. Lol I want to increase to a pill every 12 hours or 2 a day. What do you think?. I need advice. Should I take this in the morning. I have to get up at 4 am for work. Some1. Respond. I will be ordering another bottle soon. Thanks for this product. Peace

  230. Avatar of Randy S.

    Randy S. (verified owner)

    Still have a lot more in the bottle left

  231. Avatar of MICHELLE WILLIAMS

    MICHELLE WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    Ayo Reg My Brother! These are even MORE INCREDIBLE IN ELEVATION OF MIND,BODY, AND SPIRIT!! ALL PRAISES DUE TO THE MOST HIGH!! for this Wonderful and even Fragrant Internal Fruit!!…Signed MR. TERENCE L. WILLIAMS

  232. Avatar of Lynn C.

    Lynn C. (verified owner)

    Simply Amazing

  233. Avatar of Daniel Eastland

    Daniel Eastland (verified owner)

    Great product. Will reorder. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. In10sity

  234. Avatar of Jason

    Jason (verified owner)

    The haritaki alongside the Maca is a great combination

  235. Avatar of jlamont21

    jlamont21 (verified owner)

    Great product keeps me focused on day to day tasks. Will definitely be getting this again!

  236. Avatar of Anthony G.

    Anthony G. (verified owner)

    Keep being a Student that Loves to Teach!

  237. Avatar of Torian C.

    Torian C. (verified owner)

    Came in very fast, This is a potent product

  238. Avatar of Patricia Guyton

    Patricia Guyton (verified owner)


  239. Avatar of carl mancil

    carl mancil (verified owner)

    Much love and respect God we back on top.??????

  240. Avatar of Donald H Webb

    Donald H Webb (verified owner)

    Great supplement!!! I would recommend this product to family and friends.

  241. Avatar of Parrish Smith

    Parrish Smith (verified owner)

    The has helped with my clarity

  242. Avatar of Michael H.

    Michael H. (verified owner)

    Well it definitely cleans you out and another positive is that it does help with stress as well…

  243. Avatar of Walter R.

    Walter R. (verified owner)

    Only been taking it for 5 days. Very tired the first night but since then the tiredness has gone sway. I have great expectations as i continue to to take the Haritaki. I will review this supplement again as time goes on and changes are experienced.

  244. Avatar of Jerome Chamblee

    Jerome Chamblee (verified owner)

    Your service was very good, and I will be ordering products from you in the future

  245. Avatar of Christopher T.

    Christopher T. (verified owner)

    Good so far

  246. Avatar of Aldrian Moore

    Aldrian Moore (verified owner)

    Great product highly recommend feel calm and have great amount of energy to work out

  247. Avatar of Kevin P.

    Kevin P. (verified owner)

    Great product

  248. Avatar of DAVID

    DAVID (verified owner)

    Really helps with focus and overall outlook. Been taking 1 week and it’s working.

  249. Avatar of Darin Boyland Sr

    Darin Boyland Sr (verified owner)

    Did great thanks

  250. Avatar of Paul

    Paul (verified owner)

    Great quality!

  251. Avatar of Rodney B.

    Rodney B. (verified owner)

    Excellent service

  252. Avatar of Maurice H.

    Maurice H. (verified owner)

    On point…

  253. Avatar of Amanda Myrick

    Amanda Myrick (verified owner)

    Love it !!!!!!!!! Amazing ☺️

  254. Avatar of Christopher

    Christopher (verified owner)

    Just started taking this expecting great resutls

  255. Avatar of Derek R.

    Derek R. (verified owner)

    Love this product,will definitely be getting this regularly

  256. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    This is the real deal.

  257. Avatar of Renee P.

    Renee P. (verified owner)

    Very good product! Shipping is fantastic!! Thanks.

  258. Avatar of Jeff Smith

    Jeff Smith (verified owner)

    Received product right on time. Just started taking it a couple of days ago.

  259. Avatar of Brandon S.

    Brandon S. (verified owner)

    i feel great and this stuff is the sh*t! im looking forward to purchasing more in the near future.

  260. Avatar of Wesley W.

    Wesley W. (verified owner)

    Ordered 2 bottles

  261. Avatar of Santiea Skinner

    Santiea Skinner (verified owner)

    This is my 3rd bottle my son and I have been taking it this new bottle is a damn beast , when I took it I didn’t feel depressed , or anxiety anymore although I eat right and fast I have some issues going on that’s stressful (family stuff) but when I took the haritaki I felt calm like everything is going to be ok. I have started a journal , I’ve been writing my goals I feel positive and cannot fix myself to be negative I feel like I can do anything, I wish I could hug Mr and Mrs In10sity I feel like you guys saved me sounds wack but me browsing YouTube stumbling across these two was simply a blessing the haritaki has me rambling on this review lol with that being said good stuff, it’s worth a try if you have not already, as for my son who takes it it has him calmer, and focused he is 20 and Autistic so I will tell anyone I know about haritaki. I’m rambling again lol

  262. Avatar of Nina

    Nina (verified owner)

    I’ve been taken for 5 days and so far I noticed I get more done in my day and want to sleep less. Started back taken college courses so hopefully this helps me retain information.

  263. Avatar of guy c.

    guy c. (verified owner)

    I’m still currently in the cleanse so I haven’t had a chance to review this yet. However, with great quality I’m sure I will not be let down.

  264. Avatar of Bryan Bradford

    Bryan Bradford (verified owner)


  265. Avatar of Paul Ware

    Paul Ware (verified owner)

    The haritaki is faaaannnntastic and I’m proud that a brotha is giving us a resource that we can get behind and support. I’ll be getting a shirt and cook book next

  266. Avatar of Jewel

    Jewel (verified owner)

    My focus and concentration is so much better since I’ve started taking this product. I also sleep better. I am looking forward to receiving all the benefits that this product has to offer.

  267. Avatar of David M.

    David M. (verified owner)

    Great shopping experience. Had to wait a few weeks (back order), but once the order was filled, it came quickly. I LOVE this supplement!

  268. Avatar of Daniel Gomez

    Daniel Gomez (verified owner)

    Has really helped me physically and mentally.

  269. Avatar of Anthony Latney Jr.

    Anthony Latney Jr. (verified owner)

    This sharpened my mental focus and keep me productive.

  270. Avatar of Tyler K.

    Tyler K. (verified owner)

    So far from , believe that I haven’t taken the product long enough to notice a difference but I do sleep very deeply , I haven’t had that moment of clarity yet but slight difference in my awaken state of mind sometimes in the near future I’ll rate the product to the full extent .

  271. Avatar of Sherry Reese

    Sherry Reese (verified owner)

    OMG Amazing experience!!!
    I’ve been taking Heritaki for 2months 1-2 pills a day..I’ve been Soo creative. I have been able to manifest Lottery jackpot Wins almost every day!!! I am so greatful. I feel so Wealthy, mentally ans spiritually!! Thanks very everything guys y’all the Best!!

  272. Avatar of Dedria G.

    Dedria G. (verified owner)

    I’m a lil scared of the possible results.

  273. Avatar of Lawrence K.

    Lawrence K. (verified owner)

    I love the synchronicity of this review I was just reflecting over how great of a product this is after only one week of use that I’m ready to place a new order and soon as I check my email this review was waiting. I strongly recommend and I have been Telling family and friends that they should try this.

  274. Avatar of Fitzroy BROWN

    Fitzroy BROWN (verified owner)

    Haritaki over everybody…..

  275. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great product I used it felt immediate results.. and have been highly active as well ..?

  276. Avatar of MICHELLE WILLIAMS

    MICHELLE WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    This Product was purchased for my Husband Mr.Terence Williams and here is His response for the Haritaki: WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WHAT! WOOOOOOOH!!!! “A SUPERNATURAL AND SPIRITUAL AWAKENING OF THE MIND AND BODY INDEED”!!!!, MY BEING IS RISING IN ENLIGHTENMENT!, ILLUMINATION!, AND POWER!!!, THIS GIFT OF THE MOST HIGH FROM HIS EARTH IS TRULY INCOMPARABLE!!!!, and I am with you Coach Reg as this being even Better than Black Seed Oil!!

  277. Avatar of Levi

    Levi (verified owner)

    This is working great!

  278. Avatar of Kimberly Brown-Coakley

    Kimberly Brown-Coakley (verified owner)

    I have’nt slept this good in months!! I have more clearity! This stuff is amazing!

  279. Avatar of Frantz

    Frantz (verified owner)

    Just started taking the Haritaki… looking forward to the takeover..

  280. Avatar of Earl D Butler Jr

    Earl D Butler Jr (verified owner)

    The ordering process is great. Ordered the Haritaki on back order received an email when it was being shipped out and from each station upon to my address. Service is great. All natural is the way to go.

  281. Avatar of Robert Smith

    Robert Smith (verified owner)

    The Haritaki Capsules Arrived in a timely manner. I’ve used them for a few days so far and i’m looking forward to the experience.

    So far i can tell the difference in my focus, and mental clarity.
    Not to mention not being sluggish.
    Thank you again Mr In10sity!

  282. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    I love it.. Looking to get more

  283. Avatar of Ronald D.

    Ronald D. (verified owner)

    Love the product, and love that it was sent in a timely manner.

  284. Avatar of Richard Cooper

    Richard Cooper (verified owner)

    Great service!

  285. Avatar of Victor W.

    Victor W. (verified owner)

    Another great product! Already noticing results day three of taking the haritaki! Thank you so much!! Will be ordering more..

  286. Avatar of Michael Schroeder

    Michael Schroeder (verified owner)

    Much better than the other brands.

  287. Avatar of Aisha H.

    Aisha H. (verified owner)

    I received the product that was back ordered. I haven’t taken it yet but looking forward to giving it a start. Thanks

  288. Avatar of Norris

    Norris (verified owner)

    Arrived just as the company stated, even day earlier.

  289. Avatar of Danielle Armstrong

    Danielle Armstrong (verified owner)

    Great product….high quality.

  290. Avatar of indignation2019

    indignation2019 (verified owner)

    I’ve jus Got my 28 Haratakis in total that’s 2 years supply will be buying another 2 year’s supply buy the ending of the year, I will be taking 4 a Day in uzi G these for business purposes but before I start I will get the cleanse colon and detoxifying program and change to vegterian diet then when finished start my Haritaki process Coach Reggie is the king of Kings and the Lords of Lords this is what I’ve been looking for all my life to Finally active the my pineal Glan and become the greatest version of myself achieve and live the dream life I’ve always wanted to live NUTRITION OVER EVERYTHING

  291. Avatar of Carrie R.

    Carrie R. (verified owner)

    Made the mistake of taking my first capsule at 5pm. I barely slept. Best to take in the am. Keeps me focused, but not wired. Will buy again

  292. Avatar of Avianna Chaudhari

    Avianna Chaudhari (verified owner)

    Thank you ?

  293. Avatar of prenee7471


    I received my order of Haritaki(2) on May 11th 2018. I was shaking with the delight of having it in my possession! I know it works! From the reviews from Mr.& Mrs intensity. As well as the customers who bought it. I am so grateful for the two of them. I’m looking forward to my Haritaki journey. On day 4 so far the little I can report my sleep patterns has change for the better! Stay tuned.?

  294. Avatar of Veronica Moore

    Veronica Moore (verified owner)

    I like this product and would recommend to others. Will buy again

  295. Avatar of Andrew B.

    Andrew B. (verified owner)

    Gr8 product, starting to notice some change.

  296. Avatar of WINSTON JARVIS

    WINSTON JARVIS (verified owner)

    Great product

  297. Avatar of Sherry Reese

    Sherry Reese (verified owner)

    This product is awesome! Taking it for a week now. Connecting more with my higher self! I decided to go Vegetarian. It’s taking me 7years to make this decision! Now I don’t have any desire to eat seafood! I was pescatarian for 7years! I’ve had a few premonition dreams that came true. I always had this gift since I was 13years old. But since my 3rd eye is isn’t open. My ability has weaken! Hopefully if I keep using this product. My 3rd eye will open. Intuition has my stronger too! I am creative and have more energy to learn since I am a researcher for knowledge! Thanks again will purchase this Monthly!!! ?

  298. Avatar of Tiger Hayes

    Tiger Hayes (verified owner)

    Great product!

  299. Avatar of Roveske

    Roveske (verified owner)

    Got my order in a timely manner as promised. Great company, great people, with great products.

  300. Avatar of Abdul Johnson

    Abdul Johnson (verified owner)

    It’s affordable , and it’s great quality.

  301. Avatar of Kwame Asante

    Kwame Asante (verified owner)

    This stuff is the truth

  302. Avatar of Pamela Whitten

    Pamela Whitten (verified owner)

    Thank you so much!!!!

  303. Avatar of Cebrina

    Cebrina (verified owner)

    I was so happy to be the recipient of the Harataki Capsules. I just took my first dose and cannot wait to witness the results. As always a satisfied customer.

  304. Avatar of Eddie Johnson

    Eddie Johnson (verified owner)

    Very good

  305. Avatar of Dwitte C.

    Dwitte C. (verified owner)

    This HARITAKI is everything Mr In10sity say it is, I take one capsule on an empty stomach with some water and I felt the energy of this herb (it was wonderful), One word to describe this product would be amazing… never compromise on the integrity of your product, because the quality will always speak for itself.
    (Peace, love and light )

  306. Avatar of Joshua C.

    Joshua C. (verified owner)

    2nd order. This stuff is still fire. I’ll be back.

  307. Avatar of Courtney R.

    Courtney R. (verified owner)

    Just got it yesterday can’t wait to try it out! Looking forward to seeing how my body reacts to it! Can’t wait to try the other products especially the Soaps and oils! I wish you guys continued success and keep making those videos!

  308. Avatar of Santiea Skinner

    Santiea Skinner (verified owner)

    I just received my shipment yesterday I immediately took one , this morning I took it and felt focused throughout the day, I went to the store on my lunch break usually I forget something today I didn’t forget anything , I felt so focused I love it it has me thinking about going back to school I feel unstoppable honestly. I have two Autistic children whom I will be purchasing some for as soon as I’m finished this review. Thank you to the IN10SITY family you guys changed my life so much I almost wanna cry but I’m not lol just browsing YouTube seen coach reg talking bout black seed oil , been a fan ever since . In other words HARITAKI is a beast!

  309. Avatar of Craig

    Craig (verified owner)

    I love this product! And I will be reordering more in the near future.

  310. Avatar of Ian Kearns

    Ian Kearns (verified owner)

    Excellent service, Excellent products . Looking forward to shopping again; Thank you

  311. Avatar of jgolds3434


    Ok I am back with a follow up review and this stuff is amazing. Coach I have a store and I want to sell your stuff. Can you contact me and give me details on bulk? Wow I am able to do much more work but not feel as tired. I can see at a view I have never seen before. Not visual but much more. Wow this is great!

  312. Avatar of Jarvis Ferguson

    Jarvis Ferguson (verified owner)

    Good grade product

  313. Avatar of HAROLD S.

    HAROLD S. (verified owner)

    Wonderful experience, quick delivery, very happy with the product!

  314. Avatar of Tamara E.

    Tamara E. (verified owner)

    Last night was my first time taking it and I can say my mind is clear and I am focus today. I see things a little better than yesterday and I feel great a lot of energy too.

  315. Avatar of Lawana C.

    Lawana C. (verified owner)

    This herb is the all time #1. Since I’ve been taking Haritaki, I notice great results. Thank you!

  316. Avatar of sirmetrius h.

    sirmetrius h. (verified owner)

    My sleep has increased

  317. Avatar of jgolds3434


    They work great. I am seeing the world from a whole new perspective. I can also watch tv and see through all the tricks and games. Why couldn’t I see this before. Was I really that programmed? Man your on to something coach Reg. Great product will recommend this to more people. Your soap is amazing too!

  318. Avatar of gob710


    Yayyyyyy its official. I have also used different types of brain supplements, drugs and herbs and this is by far best one ever. I am getting wayyy more done. But the big thing is, is I wanna do them. Before I could not get the motivation but something in me has now awakened to where I want to get this stuff done. Thank you In10sity I will continue to support you and tell everybody about you.

  319. Avatar of theman11223344


    I put my whole family of vegans on this stuff. One question why in the hell have I never heard about this greatness before? My cousin said she took it before about a year ago (Never told me by the way) and I bought her some. She said this Haritaki works better than where she got it from. Those other companies must dilute it! I just bought 5 more I see your on backorder. By the time my Haritaki is done I will be right on another one. Man I feel so good right now. I could keep on typing all day. If you are wondering if this is better than blackseed oil. I would say yes for multiple reasons. 1. It doesnt take as long for it to work. 2. My dreams are far better 3. It flushes you out much faster. Man its just better. This is the King of Herbs for sure. My mind is so clear. Oh my peoples are feeling the same things so I know it just isnt me I got them to purchase it too. We are all 7 days in. And we feel great. This is like the movie limitless!

  320. Avatar of Anthony B.

    Anthony B. (verified owner)

    Very good product

  321. Avatar of Fitzroy Muhammad

    Fitzroy Muhammad (verified owner)

    As it stands right now I have not taking the haritaki because I’m want to do it very structured fast and I want to purchase a haritaki clean clean as I possibly can so I can get the maximum effect out of it but man I’m just loving it I’m just excited and along with the other products man just keep it Rollin you know I’m Junkie 4 Coach Ridge Miss intensity and the family keep up the good work……

  322. Avatar of Justin Jones

    Justin Jones (verified owner)

    Love it

  323. Avatar of Karla H.

    Karla H. (verified owner)

    My order was received in a timely manner. Just started taking the haritaki, so I really can’t speak on its effectiveness. I am, however, excited to see how things go

  324. Avatar of Matthew Grady

    Matthew Grady (verified owner)

    I love doing Business with MrIn10sity hope that you can come up with what keeps hair from drying and etc

  325. Avatar of Charles Sweeney

    Charles Sweeney (verified owner)

    Thanks they work great

  326. Avatar of craige57


    6 Days in and already seeing my live at a different angle. This stuff here is the truth. I am putting another order in before its gone. Don’t know when this stuff is coming back! Thanks Family!

  327. Avatar of missymrs37


    Yes yes yes! It works I love this stuff. I need to make reoccurring orders. You have a customer for life. By the way I love The Mrs new cookbook send her my love.

  328. Avatar of Stan3457toms


    Well wow! I gotta tell you Coach Reg I do not know where you got this from but I have taken 2 other brands of Haritaki and this one is the best. Funny story. My brother and I both bought it from you and he has yet to see the results I have seen. I told him to buy your colon cleanse first like I did a month ago and wow that was serious. But he didn’t listen and he still eats bad. I guess its really true that when your body is dirty supplements don’t work. (He is my twin) I felt the results of haritaki in 3 days. My senses are so clear but its not a high like drugs believe me I have taken those too. Its like a feeling of purpose and focus. Everyday I want to organize and follow through with tasks. I am calmer and relaxed. Its only day 5 now and yes it does flush you with a higher dose even faster. Great stuff coach Reg happy to be hooked on a supplement that comes from the earth with no side effects. I hope you read this! We support you!

  329. Avatar of Bryan Bradford

    Bryan Bradford (verified owner)

    Great so far.y

  330. Avatar of Tawny Brittingham

    Tawny Brittingham (verified owner)

    Just started using this product so review will come soon

  331. Avatar of Joshua C.

    Joshua C. (verified owner)

    This stuff is wicked! Brain power through the roof!

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