Black Seed Oil (Liquid)

Black Seed Oil (Liquid)

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Known as the King of Seeds by many, Blackseed Oil is said to have a miraculous 101 amazing benefits!

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Blackseed oil is known as the king of seeds said to have a miraculous 101 amazing benefits! Because of its amazing characteristics its been used for many aliments. These are the reported benefits of blackseed oil. This is not a claim of benefits these have all been reporting by thousands of people who have used it.

  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-asthmatic
  • Anti-histamine
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-coagulant
  1. It promotes heart health
  2. Fights Viral Infection
  3. Helps to reduce Allergies
  4. Great for your skin
  5. Great for acne
  6. FightsInfections
  7. Boosting Fertility
  8. Natural Antibiotic
  9. Has been said to help increase girth
  10. Good for Hair
  11. Flus and Fevers
  12. Boils
  13. Coughs and asthma
  14. High Blood Pressure
  15. Great for Digestion
  16. Helps with sleep
  17. Improves Dreams
  18. Muscle spasms and cramps
  19. Nausea
  20. Treat Toothaches
  21. Promotes healthy colon
  22. Psoriasis
  23. Treats Eczema
  24. Aids in weight loss
  25. Diabetes
  26. Helps with Epilepsy
  27. Helps with Tonsil Inflammation
  28. Helps with Opiate Addiction Treatment
  29. Scar treatment
  30. Helps to prevent Radiation Damage
  31. Prevents and treats lead poisoning
  32. Used for hair growth
  33. Treats bee stings
  34. Helps with chest congestion
  35. Treats earaches
  36. Effective for eye and vision issues
  37. Heals nasal congestion
  38. Removes gallstones
  39. Suppresses liver stones
  40. Helps with gas
  41. Treats hemorrhoids
  42. Relieves headaches and Migraines
  43. Boosts immunity
  44. Aids in breasts feeding
  45. Improves Memory
  46. Treats Moles
  47. Relieves insect bites
  48. Heels peeling lips
  49. Constipation
  50. Comforts back and muscle pain
  51. Helps the healing of Ligaments
  52. Helps with stomach aches
  53. Alleviates gum infections
  54. Suppresses bladder infections
  55. Improves dry mouth
  56. Treats Notes Bleeds
  57. Rejuvenates Burns
  58. Helps with Dandruff
  59. Helps to alleviate joint pain
  60. Prevents Kidney Damage associated with Diabetes
  61. Regulates Menstrual Cycles
  62. Alleviates Arthritis
  63. Treats Ulcers
  64. Reducing the need of pain killers
  65. Kills brain cancer cells
  66. Lowers anxiety
  67. Helps with depression
  68. Removes Dizziness
  69. Treats heartburn
  70. Relieves stress
  71. Helps to prevent Alzheimers
  72. Promotes kidney health
  73. Improves sperm count
  74. Treats HIV
  75. Suppresses fever
  76. Repairs prostate issues
  77. Removes chronic fatigue
  78. Stimulates Urine Production
  79. Protects against Damage from a heart attack
  80. Prevents Anemia
  81. Detoxifies the body
  82. Deep Cleans Pores
  83. Helps with aging
  84. Mood enhancer
  85. Helps with thinning hair
  86. Great for depression
  87. Treats STDs
  88. Treats staff infections
  89. Treats autism

Cold Pressed Black Seed Oil Available in the USA; with over 101+ benefits!!

Blackseed oil is known as the king of seeds said to have a miraculous 101 amazing benefits! Said to cure everything but death. Coach Reggie has tried many but he only backs the best. This is it!


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196 reviews for Black Seed Oil (Liquid)

Based on 196 reviews
  1. Avatar of Derrick Lacy

    Derrick Lacy

  2. Avatar of Andre'


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  4. Avatar of Jason M.

    Jason M.

  5. Avatar of Adrian Wright

    Adrian Wright

    Black seed oil has been my go to since and before I got COVID

  6. Avatar of Jason G.

    Jason G.

  7. Avatar of Isaac White

    Isaac White

    First time trying and not one complaint. Coupled with some of the other supplements, I am vibing high!

  8. Avatar of Cedric


  9. Avatar of Darryl R.

    Darryl R.

  10. Avatar of John Holt

    John Holt

  11. Avatar of Melton Jennings

    Melton Jennings


  12. Avatar of tony Smith

    tony Smith

  13. Avatar of Callina Grimes

    Callina Grimes

  14. Avatar of Jason M.

    Jason M.

  15. Avatar of Andre Robinson

    Andre Robinson

    The Best Brand Out There!

  16. Avatar of Anonymous


  17. Avatar of Robert B.

    Robert B.

  18. Avatar of Anthony Lott

    Anthony Lott

  19. Avatar of Giorgio Jackson

    Giorgio Jackson

    That black seed oil is Black magic in a bottle!

  20. Avatar of Phillip Krider

    Phillip Krider

  21. Avatar of Edward Clark

    Edward Clark

    Purest form of black seed right here hands down

  22. Avatar of Daniel F.

    Daniel F.

    When I take it before I sleep- I sleep very well!

  23. Avatar of Lawrence B.

    Lawrence B.

    Black seed oil product By In10sity’s serves my family well. Other marketed black seed oil doesn’t compare.

  24. Avatar of DeAndre B.

    DeAndre B.

    Very concentrated real black seed

  25. Avatar of Jeffrey


  26. Avatar of Jaron Hughes

    Jaron Hughes

  27. Avatar of Jenny L J.

    Jenny L J.

    I been taking them for years and it’s the best quality supplements out there.

  28. Avatar of Timothy Stinson

    Timothy Stinson

    Great again

  29. Avatar of Darrel White

    Darrel White

  30. Avatar of Andre Robinson

    Andre Robinson

  31. Avatar of Callina Grimes

    Callina Grimes

    Amazing on skin and inner maintenance

  32. Avatar of Kevin


  33. Avatar of Perry Benally

    Perry Benally

  34. Avatar of Douglas McCloud

    Douglas McCloud

  35. Avatar of Tracy


    I have used before… About to start a fast Feb 1st. Great product!!!

  36. Avatar of Maurice J.

    Maurice J.

  37. Avatar of Jamarius James

    Jamarius James

  38. Avatar of Armando


    best black seed ever!

  39. Avatar of drippinpaint2004


    Great product!!

  40. Avatar of Harold Kuevey

    Harold Kuevey

  41. Avatar of Tony


    I Love the taste, and how it makes me feel!!!!

  42. Avatar of James Covington

    James Covington

  43. Avatar of Sandra Muhammad

    Sandra Muhammad

    Absolutely need this in your stockpile, to help build up your Immune system 💪🏾💥

  44. Avatar of Jamarius James

    Jamarius James

  45. Avatar of JAMES WILSON


  46. Avatar of James M.

    James M.

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  48. Avatar of Calvin Ewings

    Calvin Ewings

  49. Avatar of Melvin


    Wow… This Black Seed Oil is Great. 💪💪💪🗝

  50. Avatar of lamont s.

    lamont s.

  51. Avatar of MARCEL T.


    Loving it.

  52. Avatar of Brandon S.

    Brandon S.

  53. Avatar of Armando rodriguez

    Armando rodriguez

  54. Avatar of Janiva P.

    Janiva P.

    This is my second time ordering the black seed oil and it’s the best black seed oil I’ve had.

  55. Avatar of Ron M.

    Ron M.

  56. Avatar of Ignacio Oseguera

    Ignacio Oseguera

  57. Avatar of chris brown

    chris brown

    Best on the market i’ve found!

  58. Avatar of Ke Vin Presha

    Ke Vin Presha

  59. Avatar of Ryan B.

    Ryan B.

    Quality products. Forever a customer.

  60. Avatar of Melton Jennings

    Melton Jennings


  61. Avatar of Anonymous


  62. Avatar of Diane Gordon

    Diane Gordon

  63. Avatar of ALGERNARD F.


  64. Avatar of Ignacio Oseguera

    Ignacio Oseguera

  65. Avatar of Marcus Jones

    Marcus Jones

  66. Avatar of Antione Lipscomb

    Antione Lipscomb

  67. Avatar of Timothy Stinson

    Timothy Stinson

  68. Avatar of Alvin Murrell

    Alvin Murrell

    good products

  69. Avatar of Dennis Williams

    Dennis Williams

    You need a larger size bottle. I’m sure you’ve heard it before. I know you will one day. PEACE!

  70. Avatar of Anonymous


  71. Avatar of Giorgio Jackson

    Giorgio Jackson

    There is no such thing as overstock with this item.

  72. Avatar of Jenny L

    Jenny L

    Been using it for about a year now and it’s absolutely amazing.

  73. Avatar of Giscard P.

    Giscard P.

  74. Avatar of Fredrick Lewis

    Fredrick Lewis

  75. Avatar of John W.

    John W.

  76. Avatar of Elizabeth


    I absolutely love this product. I am a nurse and after working long 12 hour shifts when I take this at nighttime I am able to have a restful night of sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed. My body as a whole feels better when I take this supplement daily. I would not recommend buying this product from any other company other than In10sityfitness. I have tried black seed oil from other companies and I must say that this one is the best.

  77. Avatar of Casey F.

    Casey F.

  78. Avatar of lamont mitchell

    lamont mitchell

    Just got mine yesterday love the fast shipping and the quality of the black seed

  79. Avatar of Danielle


  80. Avatar of Belinda Rice

    Belinda Rice

  81. Avatar of Jonathan Dean

    Jonathan Dean

    Love this product! It does it all!

  82. Avatar of PAUL L D.

    PAUL L D.

  83. Avatar of Belinda Rice

    Belinda Rice

  84. Avatar of Terrance Gray

    Terrance Gray

  85. Avatar of Fredrick Lewis

    Fredrick Lewis

  86. Avatar of Rashaad Mczeal

    Rashaad Mczeal

    This is a staple in my house always keep this on deck . I love this product definitely one of my favorites

  87. Avatar of Anonymous


  88. Avatar of JAMES WILSON


  89. Avatar of Michael Booker

    Michael Booker

  90. Avatar of Reggie


  91. Avatar of Dorsean J.

    Dorsean J.

  92. Avatar of Paul Jones

    Paul Jones

  93. Avatar of Rashi Copeland

    Rashi Copeland

    Love the black seed oil and moringa thank you, getting ready to put in another order today

  94. Avatar of Teneeka


    I love this with 100% cranberry juice.

  95. Avatar of Darren Tyler

    Darren Tyler

  96. Avatar of Willie Johnson

    Willie Johnson

    Great product

  97. Avatar of Willie Johnson

    Willie Johnson

    Great products high quality best I’ve used

  98. Avatar of Anonymous


  99. Avatar of Quentin D.

    Quentin D.

  100. Avatar of Lonnel W.

    Lonnel W.

    The best black seed oil on the market. I tried two other brands but had to come back to the real thing.?

  101. Avatar of Elizabeth


  102. Avatar of Willie Johnson

    Willie Johnson

    Amazing product I stand behind this product 100%

  103. Avatar of Mario


    Love the quality and the bottle is fantastic.

  104. Avatar of Anonymous


  105. Avatar of Alfred Walker

    Alfred Walker

  106. Avatar of Melton Jennings

    Melton Jennings

  107. Avatar of Nathan S.

    Nathan S.

  108. Avatar of Ignacio Oseguera

    Ignacio Oseguera


  109. Avatar of Berdine


    I feel it working and it is also visible working.

  110. Avatar of Melton Jennings

    Melton Jennings

  111. Avatar of Anonymous


  112. Avatar of Elizabeth


  113. Avatar of jason p.

    jason p.

    It’s my first product that I have bought from this company but I have bought black seed oil at another store GNC to be exact and I like the quality of this product and the benefits

  114. Avatar of Lawrence


  115. Avatar of Sammie Hutchins

    Sammie Hutchins

  116. Avatar of Anonymous


  117. Avatar of Anonymous


    Needed in every household

  118. Avatar of Alvin Murrell

    Alvin Murrell

    love this black seed oil

  119. Avatar of Alvin Murrell

    Alvin Murrell

    The best need I say more

  120. Avatar of REGINALD SHABAZZ


  121. Avatar of Dorsean J.

    Dorsean J.

  122. Avatar of Alvin Murrell

    Alvin Murrell

    The Best

  123. Avatar of Carrel B.

    Carrel B.

    Stuff will turn your putt-putt into a Tesla

  124. Avatar of James Maupins

    James Maupins


  125. Avatar of Robert


  126. Avatar of Ignacio Oseguera

    Ignacio Oseguera

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  130. Avatar of Kris R.

    Kris R.

  131. Avatar of Donta W.

    Donta W.

  132. Avatar of Anonymous


  133. Avatar of Dorsean Johnson

    Dorsean Johnson

  134. Avatar of Taniel  Batts

    Taniel Batts

    Lol if you can deal with the taste, I think you should be all right. It’s very strong. just been on it a week. So far so good.

  135. Avatar of Christian S.

    Christian S.

    Highest quality, doesn’t have that burn other brands have when swallowing by itself

  136. Avatar of strode.joel


    High quality oil

  137. Avatar of strode.joel


    Good service, Delivered quick! Going to do the colon cleanse first before I start this product.

  138. Avatar of anthony alfred

    anthony alfred

  139. Avatar of John holt

    John holt

  140. Avatar of Carolyn Franklin

    Carolyn Franklin

  141. Avatar of Jenny L

    Jenny L

    It is one of the best oil i took. I had trouble sleeping at night and it really helped with that. I am not sure it its the oil but i been working on cutting bread in my diet and i think it really helps with that. Overrall it gives me a good energy boost

  142. Avatar of Melton Jennings

    Melton Jennings

    Excellent I’m still using it it helps me sleep plus I listen to meditation sleep music that helps as well ?

  143. Avatar of Alvin Murrell

    Alvin Murrell

  144. Avatar of Ishama


  145. Avatar of Casey F.

    Casey F.

  146. Avatar of Renard Kirby

    Renard Kirby

  147. Avatar of Anonymous


  148. Avatar of Lawrence Kimbrough

    Lawrence Kimbrough

  149. Avatar of Fredrick Lewis

    Fredrick Lewis

  150. Avatar of Michael Schroeder

    Michael Schroeder

  151. Avatar of Terence Davis

    Terence Davis

  152. Avatar of LaTerrance Cole

    LaTerrance Cole

    love it

  153. Avatar of Anonymous


    Great Will Reorder

  154. Avatar of Anonymous


    great product

  155. Avatar of netoa76


    Love it, the best black seed oil . I’ve tried a lot but this one is the truth. Has helped me sleep better as in actual deep sleep. It has also given me harder erections which definitely is a plus. You got a customer for life.

  156. Avatar of kirk g.

    kirk g.


  157. Avatar of Leon Jackson

    Leon Jackson


  158. Avatar of Jonathan Dean

    Jonathan Dean

    I just started back using Black Seed and its awesome! Im trying to get Healthy and this stuff is great for so many reason! Greay product thank you!

  159. Avatar of Matthew


    Great product will be getting some more when able to.

  160. Avatar of Gwendolyn Morgan

    Gwendolyn Morgan

    Love the taste, goes down smoothly!

  161. Avatar of david b.

    david b.

    5 Star product !!!!!

  162. Avatar of randolph


    The best black seed oil on the planet.

  163. Avatar of Herry Stallings

    Herry Stallings

    Great product

  164. Avatar of Anonymous


    Best black seed oil I’ve ever tried

  165. Avatar of ERIC B.

    ERIC B.

    Your product is the most potent really good

  166. Avatar of Debra


    Very please with this product

  167. Avatar of C


    Top quality product and very good and unique product container.

  168. Avatar of Marquette Whiteside

    Marquette Whiteside

    One of the best tasting Black Sees Oils I have ever had and I can feel certain things are different about my body since I have been taking this amazing oil.

  169. Avatar of Roland


    Simply outstanding and easy to use bottle.

  170. Avatar of Elliott Oliver

    Elliott Oliver

    Black Seed oil is the best thank you

  171. Avatar of Georgia C.

    Georgia C.

    I really love this product it is not as harsh like the one i got at the health food store. It also helped my granddaughter that had bronchitis.
    Thank you so much for this product and i will surely order again.

  172. Avatar of Anonymous


    Great product.

  173. Avatar of Jason G.

    Jason G.

    The Black seed oil definitely shows results compared to other brands I have taken.
    Very pure stuff indeed.

  174. Avatar of Fabian Garza

    Fabian Garza

    Love it

  175. Avatar of christopher


    Quality . fast delivery . Best quality of black seed I had . will buy again

  176. Avatar of Darron S.

    Darron S.

    It has a more pleasant taste compared to others I love it excellent quality

  177. Avatar of Kilwanna


    This product more than exceeded my expectations. As always Coach Reg delivers the goods. Thank you Brother

  178. Avatar of James Covington

    James Covington

    Way better than the brand I was using before

  179. Avatar of Stephen Pope

    Stephen Pope

    Pretty good. Taste not to bad.

  180. Avatar of Edward Clark

    Edward Clark

    Gave as a gift but my mom notices changes already. Very good

  181. Avatar of Willie l.

    Willie l.

    top shelf !!

  182. Avatar of Anthony C.

    Anthony C.

    wasn’t strong like what I was using.. you know that taste that give you the gas face

  183. Avatar of Tawanna


    I’ve just started using the black seed oil. The taste is not too horrible but I’m looking forward to the benefits. I’ll update later.

  184. Avatar of Kordelle L.

    Kordelle L.

    I’m not gonna lie since I’ve been taking black seed oil for about a month now I’ve honestly felt better those lil aches and pains that I normally wake up too it’s gone, it’s definitely an acquired taste cuz it taste like motor oil but it’s definitely worth the buy. GO IN10SITY??????

  185. Avatar of Robert Clark

    Robert Clark

    I love the black seed oil and I am glad to be back on it…I used to take another popular brand (amazing herbs) until that California Label issue came up…I don’t know Coach Reggie personally but I trust him when he says that he has the best sourced products and that’s why I went with his black seed oil …I am not a vegan or vegetarian but I try to eat as healthy as possible while incorporating in vegetarian and raw foods…Coach Reggie never made me feel that I was less than because I still eat meat like some others out there will do and I appreciate that and will always listen to his advice…Thanks Coach !!!

  186. Avatar of MICHELLE WILLIAMS


    This message is from my Husband Mr.Terence L.Williams whom I bought the Product for: Ayo Bro Reg this Black Seed Oil is really Good!! but I request that you sell it in 32oz for reasonable rates as well!

  187. Avatar of roland


    Simply outstanding! The taste was very good and nutty. I give you 100% approval on this item and I plan to keep ordering. Thank you very much!!!

  188. Avatar of Terrence W.

    Terrence W.

    I like the black seed oil this is the 3rd brand I’ve tried and I think it’s the most potent I’ve had yet. Definitely will be buying another

  189. Avatar of Delmario


    Another great product from coach Reggie!

  190. Avatar of Anonymous


    Great product

  191. Avatar of Eddie S.

    Eddie S.

    I compared it to the black seed oil I already had and this one is much darker (which is a good thing) than the one from the other company. I take it along with mucuna before bed and my dreams are so vivid! I’ve been taking black seed oil on and off for 2 years now and this by far is the best quality.

  192. Avatar of Calvin Ewings

    Calvin Ewings

    Great I sleep well

  193. Avatar of Leander Harris

    Leander Harris

    Thank you for spreading the knowledge and the products that has been hidden from us.

  194. Avatar of poppasmurfxx11


    So yes. I’m feeling the new bottles. Very durable. My previous glass one broke through the mail and the plastic one seeped through the bottle and started to taste like plastic that can’t be good. This is a great blackseed oil. Keep up the good work. Been giving it to my teenage son and it cleaned him out. He’s been eating all kinds of fast food. And he’s done with it now. Thanks man!

  195. Avatar of susanlee20111


    This here is some excellent blackseed oil. You just keep bringing the fire. Tell the Mrs I say hi. I am an older lady and I can feel that my body aches are leaving. I am also starting to eat better as well and this works!

  196. Avatar of mrgregwilly31


    I probably have tried every other version of Black seed oil and this is the smoothest version and the best. I got it when it first came out and have been putting on my penis for 2 weeks and I already see the difference I have measured it and my wifes feels the difference too. I do not know how you keep on doing this Mr In10sity but this is another fire supplement. Thanks for all you do! You have a lifetime customer here

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