Fried Bananas

Serves 1 -2


·         2 Bananas

·         1 tbsp. Coconut Oil


1.       Heat your ceramic frying pan for a few minutes on medium to high heat.

2.       Carefully cut your Bananas into little circles and set to the side.

3.       Add your Coconut oil to the pan and allow to melt.

4.       Place your Bananas, making sure that they are all touching the surface of your pan.

5.       Fry on one side for a minute or two or until golden brown.

6.       Flip your bananas and allow to cook for a minute on the other side until golden brown and you are done. Add as a topping to your Almond Porridge. Check out that video. Enjoy!


Coconut oil Link
Ceramic Pot set Link

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