The Ultimate Blood Cleanse Program (w/ Tonic Tea)

The Ultimate Blood Cleanse Program (w/ Tonic Tea)


Optimize the body’s pH levels by cleansing and purifying the blood!

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This Utimate Blood Cleanse specifically aims to optimize the body’s pH levels by cleansing and purifying the blood. A healthy blood pH is extremely important for your overall health, well- being and the alkalinity of the body. Little did we know that blood purification helps to regulate the body’s pH as well as eliminate the toxic waste from the blood that has been consumed in sub-lethal amounts. Many of us only do colon cleansing, but we forget the health of the organs that help the quality and cleanliness of the blood  which is the liver. This Indigenous blend of herds includes Yellow Dock and Burdock which cleanse, detoxifies and heals the liver while enriching and cleansing the blood. This Blood cleanse comes with a 4 week Blood cleanse program along with new recipes  that will help you get the best results out of this tonic tea.

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