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Regeneration 2.0 – Ultimate Male Erectile Dysfunction Program (With Free 200 Gram Maca)

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This 60 day strict Program is Designed to bring your body completely back to life and make you king in the bed room again like never before.

Maca Powder

Helps gain muscle, increase strength, boost energy and so much more.

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The Regeneration 2.0 program is designed by Coach Reggie to help you get your life back! Just like thousands of men out there at a young age Coach Reggie dealt with Erectile Dysfunction. With changing health, supplementation and many other things he was able to reverse the doctors diagnosis and never even need to get on medication. This program is a step by step guide that you need to be consistent with to be able to reverse your ED, get more girth or perform just like you were young again when you sex drive was at its all time high.

Regeneration program will include:

  1. Video walk through done by Coach Reggie
  2. 2 week start up schedule
  3. Girth Exercises
  4. Length Instructions
  5. Best Foods for libido and testosterone
  6. Foods you should stay away from
  7. Best supplements you should take
  8. Best exercises for sex to practice on
  9. Full guide on the do’s and don’t
  10. Effective juicing recipes
  11. Education on your body and how you can re shape your sex life
  12. Nutritional Guide

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

Maca Powder


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53 reviews for Regeneration 2.0 – Ultimate Male Erectile Dysfunction Program (With Free 200 Gram Maca)

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  1. Avatar of Floyd G.

    Floyd G. (verified owner)

  2. Avatar of Tony

    Tony (verified owner)

    The Real Deal!!!!!

  3. Avatar of Andre Robinson

    Andre Robinson (verified owner)

  4. Avatar of Johnathan Sims

    Johnathan Sims (verified owner)

  5. Avatar of Carl G.

    Carl G. (verified owner)

  6. Avatar of Josiah Salley

    Josiah Salley (verified owner)

  7. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  8. Avatar of Steven White

    Steven White (verified owner)

    usCalifornia, United States

  9. Avatar of Taliaferro G.

    Taliaferro G. (verified owner)

    usPennsylvania, United States

    Love the sale. Thanks Coach Reg…

  10. Avatar of Akiemo F.

    Akiemo F. (verified owner)

    usGeorgia, United States

  11. Avatar of Allen

    Allen (verified owner)

  12. Avatar of Willie l.

    Willie l. (verified owner)

  13. Avatar of Anthony Lott

    Anthony Lott (verified owner)

  14. Avatar of Wesley Vincent

    Wesley Vincent (verified owner)

  15. Avatar of RICARDO ROBERTS

    RICARDO ROBERTS (verified owner)

  16. Avatar of CARLTON WILLIAMS

    CARLTON WILLIAMS (verified owner)

    Good company with good products they absolutely work!!!

  17. Avatar of ernesto

    ernesto (verified owner)

    The real deal.

  18. Avatar of Daniel D.

    Daniel D. (verified owner)

    Lots of great information. You have to be committed to change though.

  19. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  20. Avatar of Martinez

    Martinez (verified owner)


  21. Avatar of Tiriek O'Banion

    Tiriek O’Banion (verified owner)

    This program is only for the dedicated

  22. Avatar of Josh wilson

    Josh wilson

    this program is the truth and it absolutely works

  23. Avatar of matthew lewis

    matthew lewis (verified owner)

    I started the Regeneration program on March 16 [24 hr- fast] and its March 21 and I feel GREAT. Its a struggle with getting the foods because I live far from a Farmers market..but i try not to eat meat [which i did one day because I was pressed for time goin to work] but I cameback strong amd flushed it out..and got back on a 24 fast. The exercises are good…Coach and his wife really put some time into this program..jist in the first week fasting and eating I’ve lost 6lbs and my knee pain has gone away…Keep at it..its tough but it can be done

  24. Avatar of Stan3457toms


    I got on this program back in August and now I understand what coach talks about being that it will take time. Nothing this good is easy. Now I am fully invested into this and see great results! My girth has increased, my lady can tell! My shape before was like a pencil and now its like a helmet and I can pleasure my lady better and I am no longer a 1 min man. My lady and I thank you coach Reggie! I am also a vegan as well and my erections are back in full throttle. I just turned 52!

  25. Avatar of Kevin Howard

    Kevin Howard

    Got the Regeneration program over the summer and it sat with me at first. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to use it. I knew I had something great but sometimes we just don’t know how to go about achieving what we want…even if we are equipped with the tools to do so. I had a phone session with Coach and he broke it all down to me on how to utilize the chart and once we had that conversation I let go of all of my fears of change, rolled up my sleeves and dived in. I was a bit nervous at first. Though I’m not out of shape, I felt that I wasn’t getting the results in the gym I was hoping for and a lot of it came from my bad diet. The first 24hr fast was scary but I got through it and accompanied with me changing my diet, exercising, intermittent fasting etc., everything started to improve. Keep in mind, this program isn’t just for you to do for a couple of months and go back to the old way. It’s a complete life change to do until infinity. I highly recommend all to try this out, you can’t fail. Thanks Coach for everything!!

    • Avatar of In10sity

      In10sity (store manager)

      You are welcome!

  26. Avatar of Kenneth Parker

    Kenneth Parker

    Oh. Me again. Just wanted to share with you…that at the beginning of me learning of you…I was at the wholes food store looking for the black seed oil and it was also another guy who was looking for the same thing. And we both were kinda smiling so then I broke the arkward silence and said “Coach Reggie” and he said “YES…dude be putting it down “. And I was like No Doubt! And we just went on talking about you (wile tring to think of other things you was saying that’s good for men to get. You are TRULY helping men…AND women around the world!

  27. Avatar of Kenneth Parker

    Kenneth Parker

    Hello Mr. & Mrs IN10SITY. I Have Been Following You Scene Before you got married. I have told all my friends about you and most of them probley have ordered from you all ready. I have been waiting for my order until I get my money up. I am glad to see the price has come down to $111.00 but it’s tough for me to get the money all together at a whole. My house whole is an one income house whole with five kids from age’s 1-14 and a 21-year-old saying back and forward with his mom. (Little crumb snatchers) LOL!!! Do you offer payments so I can receive my program as well? And also…do the rejuvenation program only cater to a vegan lifestyle…or works best if vegan? Can’t wait to receive mine! Blessings to you Both!

  28. Avatar of Kwest


    So far so good! Been on the regeneration program for almost a month now. I got rid of my scale a long time ago but I’m constantly told by everyone at work that I’m losing weight. The cookbook is a great addition to the program which is free of you ask for it). Wifey can already tell a “big difference” when we get it in.

  29. Avatar of Kevin James

    Kevin James

    Hey Mr & Mrs In10sity I’m a huge fan of what you guys are doing. I actually was one of the fortunate winners of truth lotion and rejuvenating soap… I did promise to give my honest review of your products..Right off the bat the soap is the “truth”..its moisturizing and ,of course, left me smelling good..I’ve been looking a for natural soap that moisturize and didn’t leave me looking ashy..this soap provided that… Natural soaps like Dr Bronner’s and even the African black soap after showering it’s always a mad dash for the lotion because they’re so drying…I give rejuvenating soap 5 out of 5 stars.. totally loved it. The truth lotion like you mentioned in one of your videos wasn’t overpowering and it wasn’t ..I give it 5 out 5..Keep doing what you doing..Bless!

  30. Avatar of David


    Very informative

  31. Avatar of Ivan Evans

    Ivan Evans

    Interested would love to get some information

  32. Avatar of Fred Jones

    Fred Jones

    I love your videos and im interested in your program.

  33. Avatar of IN10SITY FITNESS


    If you would like more Info visit my services page or email In10sity1010@gmail.com

  34. Avatar of Marvin


    Hi Mr $ Mrs In10sity love your channel Can you still sign up for your regeneration program !

  35. Avatar of Son of the most high

    Son of the most high

    great program, am impress with Mr. in10city because we brothers like to act like we still have it while its hanging in the 6 o clock position cant wake up

  36. Avatar of kelon


    good job man

  37. Avatar of Samuel Hamilton

    Samuel Hamilton

    i think your channel is super awesome and very informative. And it seems that you guys have done your research on the information that you are providing.

  38. Avatar of Tony Mayo

    Tony Mayo

    5 stars



    Good stuff

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