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Regeneration 2.0 – Ultimate Male Erectile Dysfunction Program

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This 60 day strict Program is Designed to bring your body completely back to life and make you king in the bed room again like never before.

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The Regeneration 2.0 program is designed by Coach Reggie to help you get your life back! Just like thousands of men out there at a young age Coach Reggie dealt with Erectile Dysfunction. With changing health, supplementation and many other things he was able to reverse the doctors diagnosis and never even need to get on medication. This program is a step by step guide that you need to be consistent with to be able to reverse your ED, get more girth or perform just like you were young again when you sex drive was at its all time high.

Regeneration program will include:

  1. Video walk through done by Coach Reggie
  2. 2 week start up schedule
  3. Girth Exercises
  4. Length Instructions
  5. Best Foods for libido and testosterone
  6. Foods you should stay away from
  7. Best supplements you should take
  8. Best exercises for sex to practice on
  9. Full guide on the do’s and don’t
  10. Effective juicing recipes
  11. Education on your body and how you can re shape your sex life
  12. Nutritional Guide

52 reviews for Regeneration 2.0 – Ultimate Male Erectile Dysfunction Program

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