Nano Copper (Colloidal Copper)

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Copper helps support the formation of bone, hemoglobin, and red blood cells, which carry oxygen and nutrients throughout your body.


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Nano Copper (Colloidal Copper) - 16 Oz

colloidal copper

Colloidal copper is a liquid mineral supplement that has many health benefits. It is made up of copper nanoparticles suspended in water, making it easy for the body to absorb and use internally.

What is a copper nanoparticle? This is a particle with a diameter of 1 to 100 nanometers. Colloidal copper nanoparticles can be produced naturally or through chemical synthesis, much like other nanoparticle forms like zinc.

Copper nanoparticles have a number of unique properties that make them useful in a variety of applications. These synthesized particles are small enough to break through the cell membrane, making them the most superior and absorbable form of copper in existence today.

Copper is a well-known active component in antimicrobial treatments due to its efficacy and chemical stability, which allow it to be used on a wide variety of substrates. Its oldest recorded medical usage is mentioned in the Smith Papyrus, which is one of the world's earliest books.

According to an Egyptian medical text written between 2600 and 2200 BC, copper was used to sterilize chest wounds and drinking water.

Even though it had been given as an antibacterial agent for more than 2,000 years, it continued to be utilized as an antimicrobial drug until today, when commercially available antibiotics were developed.

Why Is Copper Important?

Copper is a mineral found in foods such as organ meats, seafood, nuts, and grain products. As stated earlier, it was historically used for preventing infections after burns due to its antimicrobial activity.

While the antimicrobial effects of copper surfaces have been well-known for some time, colloidal copper plays an important role in the body. And due to their size, the physical properties of nanomaterials enable functionality that is not achievable with other micron-scale additives.

What are the benefits of Nano Copper?

Powerful antioxidant: Colloidal copper is an important mineral that the body needs to function properly. Research has proven copper to be a powerful antioxidant that helps protect cells from damage. It also helps the body to produce energy and keep bones and blood vessels healthy.

Essential Mineral: Colloidal copper supplements are often used to treat or prevent a copper deficit. This can be caused by certain medical conditions, such as Wilson's disease, or by not getting enough copper in your diet. Copper deficiency can cause anemia, a weak immune system, bone problems, and other health problems.

Wound Healing Properties: Colloidal copper supplements have also been designed for topical use and can be absorbed through. Some people believe that it can help with arthritis treatment and other inflammatory conditions.

Cellular Regeneration: Colloidal copper is also essential for the proper functioning of nerves and cells. It helps with the formation of collagen and elastin, which are important for healthy skin and connective tissue.

Treats Insomnia: Copper is also thought to have calming effects on the nervous system, which can help to treat insomnia.

Antimicrobial Properties: Colloidal copper has been shown to have antimicrobial properties. This means that it can help kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is often added to personal protective equipment because of this property.

Melanin Production: Melanin is a pigment that gives skin and hair its color. Copper is necessary for the production of melanin.

Hemoglobin Synthesis: Among other things, it is involved in the synthesis of hemoglobin in red blood cells and in the metabolism of iron, thus boosting anti-anemic properties.

Colloidal Copper Dosage

The recommended dose of colloidal copper depends on several factors, such as the user's age, health, and several other conditions. As with any supplement, it is always best to talk to your doctor before taking colloidal copper or giving it to a child. This is especially important if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have any medical conditions or take any medications.

However, here are some general guidelines:

The recommended dosage/ daily intake for copper is 900 mcg for adults over 19 years old. For children, the RDA depends on age: 0- to six-month-olds need 200 mcg/day; seven- to 12-month olds need 220 mcg/day; one- to three-year-olds need 340 mcg/day; four- to eight -year olds need 440 mcg/day; nine- to 13 -year olds need 700 mcg/day.

Note: If you are taking other products with copper in them decrease the amount of the colloidal copper

Are There Any Side Effects Of Nano Copper?

Side effects are rare but can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. If you experience any of these side effects, stop using colloidal copper and talk to your doctor.

Do not take colloidal copper if you are pregnant or breastfeeding unless directed by a healthcare professional. Consult with a healthcare professional before giving colloidal copper to a child.

In10sity's Nano Copper

If you're in search for a colloidal copper supplement to help boost your immune system, look no further than In10sity's Nano Copper! Our supplement contains high-quality copper nanoparticles inside and is backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

People who have started taking copper have experienced a plethora of benefits! So why wait? Purchase your copper supplement today!


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    Easily digestible. It’s been about a month of faithfully taking this Nano Copper 3X/ day & I will say my hue seems rich, & vibrant. And that’s from my taking it orally, not topically. Being that I’m currently taking a number of supplements & specific nootropics, I can’t speak on the neurological benefits just yet. I may have to cycle seasonally, to notice a true difference. Either way, I’m satisfied.

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