Mrs. In10sity’s 100% Vegan Cookbook (Download)

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Mrs. In10sity's 110+ Recipe Cookbook (Download)

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Mrs. In10sity has had experience with Vegetarian cooking for 8 years and going vegan enhanced her cooking abilities and creativity levels to present to you. This book has many easy and fast vegan recipes that a beginner can use.

Recipes Include:

  1. Vegan "Meat" Substitutes
  2. Homemade "Milk" Substitutes
  3. Vegan "Cheese" Substitutes
  4. Healthy breakfast, Lunch and Dinner options
    • Vegan Weight-Loss Pastas
    • Salads
    • Soups
    • Island Dishes
    • Desserts that will excite your taste-buds

All this and an even greater variety of healing juice combinations to help strengthen your body. Her first book helped many have a smooth transition becoming vegetarians, this book will help you evolve to a next level of healthy eating.

13 reviews for Mrs. In10sity’s 100% Vegan Cookbook (Download)

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  1. Avatar of Nadia Wilcox

    Nadia Wilcox (verified owner)

  2. Avatar of Marquita

    Marquita (verified owner)

    I was very satisfied with my purchase!! I’m getting all the ingredients needed to make some awesome meals!!!

  3. Avatar of Timothy Stinson

    Timothy Stinson (verified owner)

    an excellent vegan cook book

  4. Avatar of Michael Muhammad

    Michael Muhammad (verified owner)

  5. Avatar of Sondra Myles

    Sondra Myles (verified owner)

    Delicious recipes that I can hardly wait to incorporate.

  6. Avatar of stephon fitchett

    stephon fitchett (verified owner)

    Love the recipes

  7. Avatar of CHARLES NORMAN

    CHARLES NORMAN (verified owner)

    Need to download it. Thanks.

  8. Avatar of Jewel

    Jewel (verified owner)

    I love this vegan cookbook. There are a lot of great and healthy recipe. So far I’ve tried the alkaline spelt hot breakfast cereal and the spelt pancakes and I am loving them. Keep up the good work, it is very much appreciated.

  9. Avatar of Josh wilson

    Josh wilson (verified owner)

    The truth!

  10. Avatar of teverage25

    teverage25 (verified owner)

    The Best Vegan Cookbook ever

    This past weekend I decided to meal prepare for a couple of days, let just say . These are the receipts I have tried and loved:
    Vegan French Toast my son was over the moon before he ate it and after he was able to fix it himself.
    Oatmeal Cookies were the best for me I love oatmeal cookies so new I can make my own. Thanks Mrs. In10sity
    Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Energy Cookie Ball were a hit my son fail in love with them.
    Vegan Tuna Salad was great I have want tuna or chicken salad, the vegan tuna salad was the best one I have found.
    Almond Butter Breakfast Bars were even better hit in my house,
    Mrs. In10sity this cookbook was better than the first one thank you for all the great meals you have given us.

  11. Avatar of Allyn

    Allyn (verified owner)

    Awesome as always❤

  12. Avatar of Stan3457toms


    OOOOOH WOW! This book here is fire! I have both books and have done almost every recipe from the first. Am on my 5th from the vegan book and yes it has worked out great. Who would ever thought plant based meal were better than the poison they have fed us. ooooh you thought of it. Thanks Mrs In10sity your the best. Keep them coming. #POWERCOUPLE!

  13. Avatar of Bryan Bradford

    Bryan Bradford (verified owner)


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