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Haritaki (Capsules)

The incredible fruit in its dried powdered form holds high significance in helping with a myriad of health benefits including indigestion, gastritis, lung disease, obesity, dental problems, jaundice, impotency, cough, cold, asthma, vision defects, urinary tract infections and hair and skin problems.

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Wildcrafted Seamoss Dried (8 Oz)

Irish moss is a red algae offering a variety of health benefits. A great source of potassium chloride, a nutrient which helps to dissolve catarrhs (inflammation and phlegm in the mucous membranes), which cause congestion. It contains compounds which act as a natural antimicrobial and antiviral agents, helping to boost immunity and get rid of infections.

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The Ultimate Blood Cleanse Program (w/ Tonic Tea)

Optimize the body’s pH levels by cleansing and purifying the blood!

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Black Seed Oil (Liquid)

Known as the King of Seeds by many, Blackseed Oil is said to have a miraculous 101 amazing benefits!

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Banafsha (Mucus Buster)

Banafsha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to help with many conditions over the years to include asthma, insomnia, anxiety, enlarged prostate, swelling of the main airways in the lung (bronchitis), the common cold, and so much more.

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Only 3 left in stock

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Clean your body and empower your mind with our newest and most powerful bundle, the infamous Immunity Bundle, Impervious!


Haritaki is available in powder or dietary supplement form and has a bitter taste. It contains substances that are useful as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. Haritaki also contains Vitamin C. This is a dry fruit which is one of the three substances used in Ayurveda medicines. Origin: Haritaki is a dry fruit that is found on the trees commonly found in South Asia and India. This has a long history of being used in the traditional Indian formula known as Ayurveda. This can be used for a number of health-related problems such as recovering from sore throat or allergies. Its also been known to increase the oxygenation of the brain up to 300% Benefits Reported From taking Haritaki Most of the studies using Haritaki are based upon animal testing but based upon the researchers’ comments and history it is claimed that this dry fruit has a number of benefits. Haritaki has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years for many things such as. • o Cavity Prevention. o Increased Creativity o Increased feeling of purpose o Oxidative Stress. o Fights Cholesterol. o Pain Relief. o Maintains sugar in the blood. o Anti-aging. o Sexual function. o Cleansing wounds from infection. o Lung infections. o Cleaning of digestive system. o Mental health and clarity. o Diabetes prevention. o Boosting memory. o Reducing eye dryness. o Helps in prevention of hair loss and Dandruff. o Used to help with cough and cold. o Acne. o Has been used Used for ulcer treatment. o Heart health. o Helps in providing fresh breath. o Helpful treating hemorrhoids. o It is good for uterine health. o It is a natural laxative. o Haritaki is helpful for leucorrhoea. o It is a diuretic. o Keeps the senses healthy.


Chondrus crispus, commonly called Irish moss or carrageen moss is a nutritious healing sea vegetable. Sea Moss contains 92 out of 102 minerals that are found in our bodies. Some of the vitamins and trace minerals include: • Iron • Calcium • Sulfur • Iodine • Selenium • Folate • Magnesium • Irish Moss is also extremely high in the trace element iodine – the thyroid gland contains the highest concentration of iodine than any other organ in the body. Step 1. Soak Seamoss in a bowl for 8 to 24 hours. Step 2. Sea Moss is rinsed thoroughly with cold water to get rid of sand particles. Clean it throughly. Step 3. Once the sea moss has soaked properly, it is rinsed again to ensure that all sand and residue is absent. Step 4. Sea Moss is then placed in blender with with fresh 100% Spring water. Step 5. Sea moss is then blended until it turns into a smooth gel consistency. Step 6. Sea Moss is then placed into clean jar, tightly sealed and stored in refrigerator. Step 7. Sea Moss gel lasts for 3-4 weeks

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This Utimate Blood Cleanse specifically aims to optimize the body’s pH levels by cleansing and purifying the blood. A healthy blood pH is extremely important for your overall health, well- being and the alkalinity of the body. Little did we know that blood purification helps to regulate the body’s pH as well as eliminate the toxic waste from the blood that has been consumed in sub-lethal amounts. Many of us only do colon cleansing, but we forget the health of the organs that help the quality and cleanliness of the blood which is the liver. This Indigenous blend of herds includes Yellow Dock and Burdock which cleanse, detoxifies and heals the liver while enriching and cleansing the blood. This Blood cleanse comes with a 4 week Blood cleanse program along with new recipes that will help you get the best results out of this tonic tea.

Blackseed Oil

Blackseed oil is known as the king of seeds said to have a miraculous 101 amazing benefits! Said to cure everything but death. These are the reported benefits of blackseed oil. This is not a claim of benefits these have all been reporting by thousands of people who have used it.  Anti-bacterial  Anti-inflammatory  Anti-oxidant  Anti-fungal  Anti-cancer  Anti-asthmatic  Anti-histamine  Anti-viral  Anti-coagulant 10. For heart health 11. Fighting Viral Infection 12. Reducing Allergies 13. Great for your skin 14. Used Skin Cancer Treatment 15. Great for acne 16. Used for Infections 17. Boosting Fertility 18. Used as a Natural Antibiotic 19. Used for increase girth 20. Good for Hair 21. Reducing Flus and Fevers 22. Has been used for Boils 23. Treating Coughs and asthma 24. Reduces High Blood Pressure 25. Great for Digestion 26. Helps with sleep 27. Improving Dreams 28. Has been used to relieves muscle spasms and cramps 29. Relieving nausea 30. Treating Toothaches 31. Killing Leukemia Cells 32. Treating Breast Cancer 33. Suppressing Colon Cancer cells 34. Psoriasis 35. Treating Eczema 36. Aiding in weight loss 37. Preventing Diabetes 38. Helping with Epilepsy 39. Relieving Tonsil Inflammation 40. Opiate Addiction Treatment 41. Scar treatment 42. Used for Cervical Cancer 43. Preventing Radiation Damage 44. Preventing and treating lead poisoning 45. Improving hair growth 46. Treating bee stings 47. Helping with chest congestion 48. Treating earaches 49. Has been for eye disease and vision issues 50. Helping nasal congestion 51. Removing gallstones 52. Used for suppression of liver stones 53. Helping with gas 54. Treating hemorrhoids 55. Relieving headaches and Migraines 56. Boosting immunity 57. Aiding in breasts feeding 58. Improving Memory 59. Treating Moles 60. Relieving insect bites 61. Heeling peeling lips 62. Constipation 63. Comforting back and muscle pain 64. Helping the healing of Ligaments 65. Helping with stomach aches 66. Alleviating gum infections 67. Suppression of bladder infections 68. Improving dry mouth 69. Treating Notes Bleeds 70. Rejuvenating Burns 71. Helping with Dandruff 72. Helping to alleviate joint pain 73. Preventing Kidney Damage associated with Diabetes 74. Regulating Menstrual Cycles 75. Alleviating Arthritis 76. Treating Ulcers 77. Reducing the need of pain killers 78. Lowering anxiety 79. Helping with depression 80. Removing Dizziness 81. Treating heartburn 82. Relieving stress 83. Preventing Alzheimers 84. Treating of Meningitis 85. Promoting kidney health 86. Improving sperm count 87. Treating HIV 88. Helping with Colic 89. Suppression of fever 90. Repairing prostate issues 91. Removing chronic fatigue 92. Stimulating urine production 93. Stimulating Urine Production 94. Protection against Damage from a heart attack 95. Preventing Anemia 96. Detoxifying the body 97. Treating Bone Cancer 98. Treating Lymphoma 99. Treating Pancreatic Cancer 100. Used for Deep Cleaning of Pores 101. Helping with aging 102. Mood enhancer 103. Helping with thinning hair 104. Has been used for depression 105. Treating STDs 106. Treating staff infections 107. Treating autism


Also known as wood violet, sweet violet, English violet, common violet, florist’s violet, garden violet or Viola Odorata. It is a hardy herbaceous, perennial flowering plant. It’s heart shaped leaves often with scalloped or slightly serrated edges are dark green, smooth or sometimes downy underneath, and grow in a rosette at the base of the plant. Origin: Banafsha is a natural herb, its origin tracks back to the Asia, North Africa and Europe. It’s roots and fruit is used to make medicines and supplements. There are various benefits of using banafsha supplements. Benefits: Has been used for many aliments and had been found to be very effective, such as curing mucus, relieving stress, influenza, etc. Banafsha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for many conditions such as. • Asthma. • Insomnia. • Anxiety. • Enlarged prostate. • Swelling of the main airways in the lung (bronchitis). • A lung disease that makes it harder to breathe. • Common cold. • Cough. • Depression. • Fatigue. • Flu (influenza). • Gallbladder disease. • Gas (flatulence). • Gastritis. • Headache. • Indigestion. • Symptoms of menopause. • Excessive urination at night (nocturia). • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA). • Skin cleanser. • Stomach pain. • Stress. • Tuberculosis. • Loss of bladder control. • Sinusitis. • Jaundice. • Sore Throat. • Tuberculosis. • Ulcers. • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) • Varicose Veins. • Whooping Cough. • Migraine. • Dysuria. • Epilepsy.


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Haritaki (Capsules)

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Wildcrafted Seamoss Dried (8 Oz)

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8 Oz, 16 Oz

The Ultimate Blood Cleanse Program (w/ Tonic Tea)

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Black Seed Oil (Liquid)

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Banafsha (Mucus Buster)

Weight 3.5 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 4.5 in


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