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Top 5 Reasons For Your Erectile Dysfunction

October 25, 2019

This is not a secret, but it is a secret. Many men are dealing with erectile dysfunction, and it’s a very sensitive topic. We don’t want to tell our boys, we don’t want to tell our ladies, so we suffer it all and go through a bunch of problems internally. You know how we men are, we like to fix problems on our own.

Just about a year ago, I came out with my Regeneration Program 2.0. Since that program was launched, we have helped many men with erectile dysfunction, libido issues, girth issues, stamina issues, even the bonus exercise I gave in my previous video. This stuff is no joke, and once you learn to master your body, and the reason why it has problems or has these breakdowns, then you will learn how to control it, and take control over your life.

I understand what feeling like a god in the bedroom can make you feel like as far as your stress levels, and how not feeling like a god in the bedroom feels like as well, because I dealt with erectile dysfunction when I was 28, so I understand how it effects all levels of different guys from the young ones to the old ones, it doesn’t matter.

So, let’s get into the Top Five shocking reasons behind your erectile dysfunction!

1. Diabetes

Now, if you have diabetes, one out of two of you have erectile dysfunction because this effects 50% of men. And diabetes can impact your heart, your eyes, your kidneys, and your nerves. Prolonged diabetes effects your pelvic nerves which impairs your ability to achieve an erection. You CAN fix this. The first problem is the fact that you have to remove that indoctrination that tells you you can’t get better unless you have this certain thing. You can do it through nutrition, you can do it through your mind, you can do it, I’m telling you, it can happen. Once you say you can’t, you’ve already lost the battle.

2. Thyroid Disorder

Now, thyroid disorders such as overactive thyroid production can actually effect your testosterone production in your testes, but also, overactive thyroid hormone production can actually effect your ability to have an orgasm which means that you’re going to be a premature ejaculator because it’s one of the side effects of an overactive thyroid. But an underactive thyroid can actually give you libido problems by killing your libido entirely. On the opposite end is an underactive thyroid, no libido at all, you don’t even wanna have sex.

3. Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Now, this next one is one I personally suffered with for many years. I didn’t even actually know it was causing my erectile dysfunction, but Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction. See now, erectile dysfunction effects you in different ways. Psychologically and physically. And porn-induced erectile dysfunction comes from watching too much porn and masturbating all the time. See, you’re actually conditioning your body to ejaculate fast because when we masturbate, we’re not masturbating to have foreplay, we’re just trying to get it off real quick and just feel that feeling and release. Remember what I always say – one steak, ten eggs, six oranges, two lemons. That’s what you’re letting go out your body every time you masturbate. Three times a day, you’re killing your life force, you’re taking years off your life. But when you do porn-induced erectile dysfunction, that means that you are looking at this woman that you’re jerking off to, masturbating to, whatever you wanna call it, and you’re comparing her to what you’re about to see next. Now, when you finally do get a woman, she doesn’t have Double D’s, she doesn’t deep throat, she doesn’t take it in all holes in her body, she don’t do all that crap and wild stuff. She’s a real person, she’s not a paid actor, but you are disappointed now because she doesn’t do these things, and you’re now not hyped to have sex with this new woman that’s in your life that’s actually realistic woman. Your libido’s down, your psych is down, you’re disappointed, and you’re also a premature ejaculator because you conditioned your body to ejaculate quickly because of your masturbation.

4. Hypertension or High Blood Pressure

This is serious. Because the heart pumps blood to every part of your body. When you have erectile dysfunction because it stops pumping blood down there, that’s blockage in your arteries, which is a precursor for heart disease. It’s also going to mess up your ability to achieve an erection and ejaculate because of the blood flow issue. Your erections are not going to be very good – it’s not gonna be very strong. Change your nutrition. Get the Regeneration Program, its been cut on the price. Do something about your ailments!

5. Prostatitis

This effects 15% of all men. Prostatitis is a swollen prostate, and one of the symptoms of Prostatitis is premature ejaculation. When you have this, you cannot control the muscles down there because they’re swollen. I know fellas, that you don’t wanna get checked, but you have to get checked. You MUST get that prostate checked. It could lead to prostate cancer, it could lead to enlarged prostate, it could lead to all kinds of other disorders. Remember that I said this, get your prostate checked.

6. (Bonus) Binge Drinking

I know some of us like to drink, and when done in moderation that is fine. But if it is done all the time, this is not okay for your health. If you think you’ll be fine with always drinking before getting it with a woman and always still get it up, that’s gonna stop sooner or later, it stopped for me. I was doin’ that when I was in my 20s, I’m like, “I’ma go and have some Henny or whatever, “and I’ll be good, I’ll be lastin’ forever.” That stopped. And it might get you sooner than me, or might get you later than me, everybody’s body is different. I abused my body in my early 20’s.

If you have any of these issues that I was talking about, go get checked out and change your nutrition. After you change your nutrition, come grab some supplements. Change your nutrition first. If you wanna learn how, what to stay away from, the Regeneration Program 2.0 is available.

I love y’all, I’ma see y’all soon. Peace.

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