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The King of Herbs

February 21, 2019

When it comes to holistic treatments found in nature, few systematically tend to the mind, body and soul like Haritaki. Some supplements only treat one or the other for example, the Mucuna bean controls dopamine levels improving cognitive function whereas the Maca root (the ginseng of Peru) aids digestion and lowers cholesterol. Haritaki tackles them all healing the mind and body and the spirit.


Haritaki is derived from the nut of the Kenduca tree native to India, spreading to Nepal, Thailand, eventually Myanmar and Pakistan. It is used in Ayurveda, the ancient Indian holistic healing system still practiced today. Ancient yogis believed Haritaki existed to eliminate all diseases and enhance energy flow through the chakras (the body’s energy centres) helping them on their path to spiritual enlightenment. 

Healing the Body

Haritaki can be taken as a nutrition supplement in tablet or powder form in smoothies, porridge or even sweet treats. It is purely plant based and so ideal for vegetarian or vegan diets. 

Haritaki fixes the first mind – stomach and intestines. Its fibrous nature acts as a colon cleansing agent aiding digestion, easing constipation and lowering cholesterol. Since fibre is a vital part of our diet this means Haritaki could cure hypertension, high blood pressure and heart problems stimulating better blood flow and blood oxygenation, which is good news for those with low testosterone, poor libido, and erectile dysfunction.  

Regular ingestion increase a our energy levels enabling  a more healthy active lifestyle, boosting cardiovascular health and promoting muscle growth.  

Mending the Mind

Haritaki also takes care of the second mind – your cognitive functions. As the herb stimulates the blood flow, and with an active lifestyle, oxygenated blood is carried to the brain. Suddenly all the key areas of the brain are stimulated, improving memory function, intuition ability and of course enhanced mood and emotion. 

A study from Tel Aviv University links hyperbaric oxygenation with improved brain performance – particularly after damage –  so Haritaki can tackle acute and chronic neural related illness including Alzheimer’s and contribute to the reduction even possible elimination of both anxiety and depression. By stimulating the mind and energising the body Haritaki fixes these problems lifting the fog of depression clouding the mind and enabling us to explore our spiritual potential. 

Spiritual Awakening

Studies indicate Haritaki not only fixes body and mind, but allows for spiritual growth. With mind and body functions maintained, spiritual practices such as mindful meditation, and the Law of Attraction promoting positive well being and interaction become easier. 

Haritaki dates back thousands of years and has been taken on the principle that it unifies mind and body promoting an awakening that makes us fully aware of so much knowledge and intuition.

The herb is affordable and widely available online. It is worth checking the supplement recipes as some diluted Haritaki concentration making it less effective. Still, incorporating Haritaki into your nutrition and weight loss program has shown in studies and testament from regular consumers to be highly beneficial for mind, body and soul.

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