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Health Benefits of Colon Cleansing With Fasting

May 14, 2020
Woman Touching her colon
Colon cleansing is a practice that involves the removal of waste from the colon by flushing the colon with fluids. This practice is hinged on the belief that digestive waste can be toxic to the body. Several methods of carrying out cleansing exist; each, with different levels of ease of execution.Cleansing the colon with fasting although taxing in its effects, can be executed at home with proper advisory from a medical practitioner. Overall, colon cleansing can improve the body’s general health and wellbeing. Below, we discuss the benefits of colon cleansing on your gut;
Sometimes, doing all the right things, and consuming healthy diets aren’t enough. Why is this? Well because the accumulation of toxins and mucus in the colon can and most likely will prevent the body from receiving its necessities for proper functioning.
Now imagine a situation where there is no proper dietary plan in place and a poor diet is the order of the day. Coupled with ineffective vitamin absorption caused by a toxin-filled colon. Certain cognitive functions will seize to work at an optimum level.
Clearing the colon with fasting can be the bridge in the gap between the loss in these cognitive functions and improved alertness. The performance of this procedure has far-reaching implications in all spheres of life (work, relationships, general wellbeing)

Helps Kickstart Weightloss

Weight loss is one of the most difficult things to engage in and it gets really frustrating when there are no visible results. If you have been experiencing difficulties with losing all that excess weight you dread well you can kick start the journey with some colon cleansing.
Colon cleansing? How does that even work? Well here’s how meals with a fiber deficit travel through the digestive tract at a quarter the pace meals with high fiber contents travel. These fiber deficit meals produce excess mucus that attaches to the walls of the intestine and create an excess backlog of decaying fecal matter and this puts excessive weight on the intestinal tract.
Colon cleansing potentially aids weight loss; people have even claimed to have had weight losses within the 15 to 20 pounds range within a month.
The average human colon can accumulate up to eight meals before digestion occurs and weighs about five pounds empty. A freer colon translates into better metabolism. You can achieve a free colon by engaging in proper fasting regiments that help control your food intake.
With this in place and the successful onset of the weight loss journey, there’s room for the pursuit of other activities and remedies geared towards wholeness of the body.

Increased Energy

The rejuvenating effects of the waste removal that occurs during the cleansing of the colon are like no other. This process releases toxins from the body and as a result, energy that is otherwise used for pushing waste through the intestines to appropriate parts of the body is freed up and made available for other bodily functions.
From the research done on people who have undergone the colon irrigation procedure, a good enough conclusion can be drawn that a freer colon improves blood circulation. It also promotes restful sleep and all these results in boosted energy levels.

Colon Cleansing results boosts your digestive system:

During the cleansing/purification of the colon, we expel waste and this creates a clearer pathway for the flow of waste. This, in turn, aids and improves the digestive system’s functions.

Colon Cleansing reduces colon cancer risks:

When we eat meals and drinks, the toxins present in them get processed by the digestive system. Constant retention of these toxins can cause damages to the organs responsible for processing them.
During a fast, your body releases built-up toxins from the colon way before prolonged accumulation sets in by reducing the length of the retention time.
This can help reduce the risks of fatal medical conditions within the stomach
Having a cleaner colon is by no means an easy feat. But sticking to a proper fasting routine can help begin your journey to a healthier, cleaner gut. Here is a summary of what we’ve discussed so far;
  • Improved Concentration
  • Kickstart Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Faster Digestive System
  • Reduced Colon Cancer Risk
You can have a look at our store if you’re in need of any supplements. Remember a healthy gut is a healthier you!

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