Everyday Free Shipping On All Orders Over $45 Shipped in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What about shipping?
  • Orders are processed within 3-7 business days from when your order is received. Please note this time is in addition to your shipping option selected.
  • Free Shipping (Over $77.77) is calculated based on your order TOTAL after coupons have been applied.
  • USPS First Class is limited to 13 OZ. If your order is over 13OZ, you will NOT see this as a shipping option.
  • Shipping is calculated at checkout
  • You will receive a tracking number for your order once shipped.
  • Orders may be combined if ordered separately but not yet shipped.
  • Digital orders are delivered within 24 hours. Domestic orders are shipped with 5-7 business days. International orders may experience a slight delay (customer pays all shipping fees). If your order requires reproduction, you will be notified; which may delay shipping.
  • It is your responsibility to provide us with your correct shipping address. Delays, lost packages, etc. will be your responsibility if you provide us with the wrong address.
What is the shelf life of my supplement?

The shelf life of all of our supplement products is 2 years from date of purchase, if unopened. 

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, we do! You can learn more about it at https://www.in10sityfitnessunited.com/affiliate-area/

What is In10sity Prime?

As a way to provide premium service to our wonderful clients, we have developed the In10sity Prime program. Joining this VIP Membership Program Gives You:

  • FREE Shipping on EVERY Order*
  • Ultimate Anti Debt-Slave Program ($149.99 Value)
  • FREE Soap with every order**

* Free Shipping method will utilize standard shipping and is only valid for orders shipped within the USA. Not valid on free product claims. You must select a paid shipping option if claiming one of these items.
**Free Soap selected by In10sity based on current inventory. Not valid with free product claims. You must have a PAID item in your cart in order to claim this item.
***Abuse of this program (ie purchasing multiple items all in different orders to get multiple free soaps and free shipping) may result in termination of your membership status. In order for this program to benefit everyone, we cannot have people submitting multiple orders in the same day as this results in an excess of shipping costs per order.

What is your return policy?

If there is an issue with your order, please contact us by filling out the contact form. Please note there are absolutely no returns or refunds for digital product purchases.

How do coupon codes and deals work?

If you received a special promotional code by email (with the code shown in the email), these generally cannot be combined with any other offer or deal. If you are unsure, please inquire by the chat function on our website prior to placing your order. Deals are only valid on new orders after the deal has been published – no, you cannot get a discount on an order placed prior to the deal being launched.


Can I combine shipping on separate orders?

If you have ordered on 2 separate days and you would like to combine them we will combine them if you need us to. In some cases your package will be combined automatically. But most times your order will have to be requested to do this.

What happens if I entered the wrong shipping address and my package is sent back to In10sity?
If your package is returned to In10sity due to any error of your own, you will be responsible to pay for any shipping charges for that package to be sent back out. If you decide you would rather receive a refund for your order, please note that shipping charges are non-refundable.
I’m having issues placing my order online, what do I do?

If you experience issues placing an order, we need to know about it! You can give us a call at (302) 677-1010, Monday to Saturday 9A-10P (EST), and we can help you place it by phone. Make sure to tell us the issues you experienced when you call! We like to get these things fixed right away.

Why hasn’t my order been shipped yet?

It could be for many reasons:

1. Your address is invalid and we have contacted you but you haven’t responded.
2. Because your order is on backorder and it hasn’t been sent out yet because its not back in stock.
3. Because you paid for regular shipping and its still processing.
4. Because your item is a downloadable item and you haven’t downloaded it.

What is backorder?

Backorder products are not currently in stock but are coming! Be patient, as soon as the product arrives in our warehouses, it will be shipped.

If an item in my order was on backorder can I split the order to get the rest?

The only way you can split the order is if you notify the team and pay for it to get split by paying for the separate shipping of the item that will not be getting shipped.

What does it mean when I order products that aren’t on backorder but one is on backorder that is in my order?

That means that your whole order will be shipped out when it is available in its entirety. We suggest you order the items that are in stock together and the order that is on backorder separately if you wish to receive your order faster.

How do I get in contact with Coach Reggie Aka Mr In10sity?

You Book A Consultation located on the homepage of the website and ask any questions that you need to ask when you book a consult with him.

Coach Reggie no longer personally answers emails. There are many coming in and he would like to give each of you his undivided attention. If it is a question the customer service number cannot answer please schedule a free consult with him. There he will be able to properly help you.

Why is it so much to ship overseas? And how long does it take for the package to get to me?

In10sity charges the customer what USPS charges In10sity. It varies for different countries for how long it takes to get to you. It’s hard to tell as different countries have different forms of customs.

How do I download an item if it was a downloadable purchase?

After purchase visit your account section located on the website after you sign in. Go to the downloads link and download the document that you purchased.

How do I know what best soaps there are to use?

You must try them in bundles so you know what the best soap is for you. For everyone has a different preference for what they want, you must choose what you like.

What Timezone is In10sity Fitness located in?

In10sity Fitness United is located in Delaware, which is in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

What happens if my coupon code doesn’t work for me?

If your coupon code does not qualify it will not work, but in the instance it does and its not working simply enter it in notes and we will investigate when we receive the order.

Why didn’t my order ship in 24 hours even if I paid for Priority shipping?

Priority shipping guarantees your order will get sent priority mail which means that instead of flat rate which will take longer to get to you after being shipping priority mail is much faster and comes with automatic insurance on your package in case of any incident.

I ordered on Friday and it didn’t get shipped until Monday?

In10sity rarely ships on the weekends, sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t but its not something they have to do. Its not a business day so your package will not be getting sent out until Monday so its like the same thing.

I live in the USA, why is shipping over $30?

You must ensure you enter the correct country during checkout to get the proper rates.

How fast is shipping usually?

We make those who have paid for priority mail to get to orders sent to the front of the line but that doesn’t ensure your order gets sent in 24 hours. It only ensures yours will sent as soon as possible. We like to get your orders out as fast as possible as we have in the past but if we haven’t for reasons like a pickup in traffic we ask for your patience.

How come I have not received my tracking number or my email with my receipt of my order?

This could happen for a variety of reasons:

1. In many cases the customer will provide the wrong email address.
2. The customer could have gotten the email but it went to your spam or your promotions.
3. You could have just simply disregarded the email.

In any case if you feel as if you need to get help please contact In10sity customer service for a faster response.

I bought the supplements, how long do they take to work?

As Coach Reggie says, everyone is different depending on what else or not your body is or isn’t facing. There is no way to tell how long it will take to feel the effect on anything. You can also view the reviews for our supplements so you can see other peoples experiences. But really there is no way to tell. The supplement could take a few days to work or longer it depends on the state of your body.

How do I modify or cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions may be modified in your “My Account” section. If you move, it is your responsibility to update us with your new shipping address.

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