About Coach Reggie

Great energy, strength and concentration! The honing of this great power and using it in your everyday life, will create a new sense of being. Once people have come in contact with this powerful positive energy, its light begins to flourish. Your body changes with the accountability and encouragement of the team. Your way of thinking changes because of the new ideas that are held true in this lifestyle. You should begin to feel lighter because you are now moving with a purpose. You are now moving with IN10SITY!!

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“In10sity is a fitness family that helps clients not only hit their goals but changes their lives at the same time”. – Reggie Brown Jr.

Reggie Brown

Reggie Brown, Jr. is the CEO and Head Trainer of In10sity, a rising health & fitness company located in the New Jersey/Greater Philadelphia area. Reggie obtained his personal training certification in 2013, obtained a certification in nutrition and later launched his company in August of 2014.

Beginning with personal training and group sessions, Reggie has helped transform over 120+ individuals since the creation of In10sity in 2014. His unique style of delivery includes his motivational approach which speaks to each of his client’s fitness level and physical restrictions. One of his goals is to teach each of his clients how to truly live a healthy, comfortable life by the transformation of their mind, body and soul. In addition, his goal is to show them how to live stress free without conventional dieting methods most people dread.

Coach Reggie attended William Paterson University and Lincoln Technical Institute of Technology, and also played a wide variety of competitive sports all his life. But it wasn’t until the age of 24 years old, when he herniated his spine while working construction and surgery was recommended, that he decided to overcome his back injury with various core strengthening exercises. By the age of 30 years old, even though he was very active, his diet wasn’t great and as a result it finally caught up to him. He had various knee and Achilles joint/tendon issues and was also diagnosed with high blood pressure. He once again was forced to make a drastic change in his life. Within six months after changing his diet, he no longer had high blood pressure and had rehabbed his knees and both Achilles tendons. He realized that true fitness is not just physical but also what you eat. The combination truly brings results that are long lasting. This physical transcendence was only possible by changing his thinking.

Millions of Americans have the same or worse problems and do not think they can overcome their physical or mental barriers. Coach Reggie created In10sity for just this reason. With sayings such as “What’s pain to your … — finish the sentence. For more information on In10sity, please contact: [email protected].